Our Vision

We work towards the same values as the other academies within the Trust. Together we strive to:


Be fair, honest and inclusive – demonstrating integrity FAIR SHARE Share expertise and best practice within our own academy and across other academies for the benefit of all learners
Care for children, adults and the learning environment CARE DARE Dare to do things differently and have a go


By securing our commitment and values we expect learners to:

– achieve well;

– feel safe and secure to take risks and make mistakes;

– want to improve and know how to improve;

– have high aspirations and ready for the next steps in learning and life;

– have high expectations of self;

– be independent, resilient and respectful of self and others;

– be tolerant and open-minded;

– be happy and confident;

– have both independent and collaborative learning skills; and

– be proud of their community and know how to contribute to it.