Arrangements for collective worship:

  • Four days a week, assemblies are usually conducted either for the whole school or separately for FS/KS1 and KS2. These focus on the shared values of the academy and include celebrations of festivals from the major religions represented in the academy.
  • These are led by members of the academy staff.
  • Visitors from different faith groups are occasionally invited to contribute to these assemblies, under the guidance of staff.
  • One day a week we have faith-based assemblies. We run parallel Christian, Muslim and Sikh assemblies, with a phase-based alternative for children of other/no religions. All these are led by members of staff.
  • These arrangements have been in place for many years, through determinations, and in response to requests from parents.
  • There is a programme for these assemblies, which cover shared issues, with a faith-specific perspective. This programme is developed, monitored and reviewed by the academy leadership team.
  • All assemblies are consistent with the ethos of the academy, and with British Values.
  • As a safeguarding measure, each faith-based assembly is also attended by at least one member of staff not of that faith.
  • All assemblies are conducted in English.
  • No child is currently withdrawn from collective worship, as parents are happy with our current arrangements.
  • Our arrangements for collective worship are discussed with all parents when their child enrols at the academy.
  • Our arrangements for collective worship are also on our website.