Year 5 – home learning

Home learning in Y5

Try to do these things every day:

  • reading
  • Times Table Rock Stars
  • an activity off DB Primary

Your teachers can see your work on DB Primary, and can send you messages about your work. You can also leave questions and messages for your teachers on DB Primary.

One of the Y5 staff will contact you and your family every week, usually on Fridays.

Home learning grid for week beginning 11th May

A letter to Class 11 from Miss Sidebotham

Dear class 11

How are you? Oh my goodness it feels like so long since we’ve all been together. I think it goes without saying that we are all missing each other right now whilst we’ve all been adapting to this new routine. Let me just say, you are all doing an absolutely fantastic job! We are all connected through our DB page and you make me smile every single day with your comments, art work and your positivity.

Even though we are apart and patiently waiting for our return to school, the days seem to have been going quite quickly! How about for you? I’ve been doing lots of reading and colouring. Colouring is a great way to practise mindfulness, it keeps my mind focused in the present moment, you should definitely try it! How have you been keeping your mind focused? I’ve seen lots of amazing artwork and doodles, I know this is a great way to relax and keep in the moment.

I often think about our wall of positivity in the classroom, and it reminds of how amazing you all are at keeping positive every single day. Luckily, I took some pictures of it on my iPad before we left so I will share them with you via email on DB. I miss our check-ins in the morning and after lunch but most of all, I miss our check-ins at the end of every day. I loved sharing that reflection time with you all, that time of positivity where we remember the good from our day. That’s something that you can keep up at home too, you could share it with a family member, write it down or just think it in your mind. I often ask myself, ‘what have I enjoyed about today, what am I grateful for?’. It really helps me keep a positive mind set during what could be an uncertain time for many.

You are all kind, caring, amazing individuals and I know you are all sharing your loving natures with those around you at home now. I was also thinking how much I miss just turning around and my reading area being tidied or the book shelves being organised, pen pots tidied and countless desserts from the dinner hall being left on my desk after lunch. All of these things went unprompted, just because of how wonderful you all are! Don’t forget that, use this time to embrace who you are and share your wonderfulness every day.

I’ll leave you with this quote, which is on our wall of positivity and it comes from our very own, Ilwad!

‘Never stop looking up, the best is yet to come’

All my love Class 11, see you soon,

Miss Sidebotham

A letter to Class 12 from Miss Fraser

Dear Class 12,

I write this letter to each and every one of you, with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. I’m wondering how you are, how are you keeping, what have you been spending your time doing and most of all… are you all ok? I miss you all so much and I send positive energy to you as I write this.

You are all special and you are all important to me. I encourage you all to dig deep and believe in yourselves. You are stronger than you may think, wiser than you may know and cared for by many (teachers past and present). Although we may be apart, we are very much together (this is a message I thought of as I was mindfully doodling one afternoon).

You all know how much I promote a positive mind-set and how I encourage you to be aware of how to deal with certain situations by using light over dark, good over bad and happy over sad thoughts. These are testing times for all of us and now more than ever is the time to channel into all of the mindful approaches to life that I have shared with you.

Do you remember how we started every single day with a positive message and how we’d discuss the meaning of the message and then reflect on it throughout the day? Hopefully, some of these will now be embedded into your mind. Share them with your family, siblings and carers.

We are a community, a class community, a year group community and a school community and every single one of you matters. With this in mind, I’m wondering, how we can share these positive messages to one another, as I know you will all want to support each other in some way and what better way than creating positive messages of hope, strength and togetherness. I challenge you to get creative, produce a poster, a postcard, a wallpaper (anything of your choice) which includes your personalised message to our class community. Make it colourful, use patterns… but most of all, don’t give up. Even if some of you may feel like art and creativity is not your strong point, this is the time to explore your creativity and express yourself artistically. There is no right or wrong with art.

Any messages that you create, I’d like you take a photo of and upload it onto our Home Learning page on DB. Then, I’d like you to keep them safe, so that you can bring them into school when we are all back in.

If you’re wondering how I am, I am fine, I am missing school and I am missing my friends and family (like many of you may be), but I am seeking the positives out of this situation. I have been doing yoga every morning to kick start my day and to release endorphins (if you don’t know what these are, I challenge you to find out), I’ve also been bike riding and… I’ve even started baking! My favourite thing to bake has been banana bread.

Oh and for those of you wondering if I’ve still been keeping up with my running, the answer is yes! I can now run 7K in 36 minutes. That’s quite speedy for a beginner, so I am very proud of myself. It’s challenging, but I like a challenge. Even Mr Holtham, Miss Balance, Miss Sidebotham and Miss Potter have been keeping up with their running too, so that when we are back we can continue with our Team OTCA running club!

Have any of you been keeping fit or been doing the Joe Wicks daily PE sessions online?

Our DB Primary Home Learning page has been simplified to make it more user friendly, so I hope this encourages more of you to access it as there’s lots of great stuff on there. I also encourage you to develop your hobbies during this time. Remember when we discussed what hobbies you have and what hobbies you’d like to start? Now is the time and I can’t wait to hear about them.

But for now, remember… we are all in this TOGETHER.

Stay safe, stay strong and I look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Miss Fraser

P.S I loved speaking to some of you on the phone, and if I didn’t manage to speak to you, I hope you appreciated my voice message. I will be making calls home again soon.


A letter to Y5 from Miss Dewar

Hi Year 5,

How are you all doing? I hope you’re keeping yourself safe and doing well?

Let me start by saying how much I am really missing all of you guys. I miss seeing all your smiley faces every day and working with you. I miss watching you interact with your friends. Especially when you come over to me to show me dances or tell me a joke or something new that you have to share. I even miss the arguments over football. WHO KNEW I WOULD EVER SAY THAT, HEY?  I just miss talking to you all. I bet you are missing lots about school, especially being with your friends. The daily routines and being with all our school family. However, I’m sure you’re missing me the most. LOL! Seriously though, I cannot wait for the day to be able see you guys. Who knew I would be here saying this in a letter?

Even though it’s been really hard not seeing you, on the positive side I have managed to spend so much more time with my daughter Maali. Oh! and my sister and nephew are with us for the time being, which has been lovely. I haven’t lived with my sister since I was younger, so it has been really nice (we haven’t even argued yet). We have been baking, doing art and playing lots of board games, just trying to keep ourselves busy.  What have you guys been up to? Get this, Maali has even been helping with more things around the house without being asked… Yeah, I was shocked too.

I hope you guys are being good and doing the same, helping your parents? This is a really tough time and it more important now, more than ever that we help each other out. That means doing the little things. The little things for me are getting an unexpected cuddle or an ‘I LOVE YOU’ out of the blue. Why don’t you try and do something nice for your family? I bet you will make them smile.

Also, I have been keeping an eye on all the work that you have been posting and it has been really great to see. A lot of great work is being done. Make sure you are keeping this up. If you have any art or baking you would like to share, I would love to see more of what you are doing.  Just keep us posted on DB Primary. Even though we cannot see you we are still here and still care.

Remember to stay safe, be positive and I will see you very soon.

Lots of love from Miss Dewar

A letter to Y5 from Miss Murphy

Hi Everyone in year 5

I hope you are all well and managing to enjoy this extra time with your families. It all feels a bit strange to me so I guess it must feel the same to you.

I have been busy learning how to use the computer a bit more. I know most of you will be shocked to hear I’ve actually been in online meetings with the other teachers and Mrs Stott . So when we do eventually go back to school I might not pester you all so much for help. 😀. I still can’t grasp DB properly yet though, I  can log into it and see messages but I need to learn how to send things.

Gardening club –  you will be pleased to hear we managed to get most of the hedges into the holes you dug before we had to close. It looks a bit strange as you walk by and see lots of bamboo canes but hopefully they will grow well. Some of the plants we planted last year in the keystage one garden have come back up you might see them on your daily exercise if you’re passing.

At home my 3 children have been keeping me busy or have I been keeping them busy?

We have had to find a balance in our house as my children want to be on the gaming gadgets more than doing any school work. So we get the basics done of Maths and English then they get some time on gadgets and then we either go for a walk or bike ride.

Whilst at home I have done some arts and crafts. My favourite has been using nails and loombands to make words. I attempted baking the other day and it was a disaster. Although it looked lovely it tasted nasty, think I must have got confused with the tablespoon and teaspoon.

If any of you see me pass by your homes feel free to wave at me through your windows.

Hopefully see you all soon

Miss Murphy