Year 6 – home learning

Try to do these things every day:

  • reading
  • Times Table Rock Stars
  • an activity off DB Primary
  • an activity off this week’s home learning grid (see below)

Your teachers can see your work on DB Primary, and can send you messages about your work. You can also leave questions and messages for your teachers on DB Primary.

One of the Y6 staff will contact you and your family every week, usually on Fridays.

Home learning grid for week beginning 11th May

English / History / Music Science History/Geography Creative  
VE Day: Listen to a song from World War 2. Listen to the lyrics.

Can you write another verse of lyrics, with the same mood and style as the original?

The Allies wouldn’t have won the war without the help of science. Cracking the Enigma code, building the first Computer, inventing the rocket or atom bomb, creating new medicines…

Why not find out more about the pioneers of science during WW2?

Create a one-pager about your topic. Take a picture and upload it to the DB STEM zone.

We learned lots about WW2 in the Autumn term. Firstly, can you recall 5 key facts?

Speaking task: Can you create a 1 minute (or more) presentation for your family so that they can learn more about the topic?

Research: Did you know that there was a Police Station in the 1940s where our school is now, that was destroyed in the Manchester Blitz?

Why not try to find out more about our local history? Start by looking closely at older buildings when you go on a daily walk? What did the building used to be?

East Union Street 1942

Create some VE day bunting. Don’t worry if it’s too late for VE day, it’ll look good anyway!

Could you make different triangles using different techniques, or mixed media (pencils / felt-tips/collage?)

Create your own history – why not start a diary or journal about lockdown? Maybe start by listing 5 things that you are thankful for every day.

It might seem that you aren’t doing a lot at the moment, but just think what it would be like re-reading your journal in 10 years’ time?

Lockdown will be a History book thing one day!

What’s on DB?

Don’t forget your TTRS, Epic Readers/Oxford Owls and White Rosmaths tasks….


Have you explored our STEM zone yet to find out more about engineering and some practical science activities?

Take a look in the News/P4C zone to watch Espresso news and add your comments to this week’s debate!


Think back to all of our work on being positive and mindful, can you create some positive messages, or mindful doodles?

Try playing some nice music in the background to help you visualise.

You may want to add colour or to just create a monochrome version like we have done in class. Why not double up and use it to create some bunting?



Write a review of a film or TV show that you have watched this week. What happened? What did was your favourite part?

Keep active!
Push up challenge. Can you add one more push up to a set every day?

A letter to Class 13 from Mr Linney

Hi 13!

Well so much for this being a little thing that might keep us off for a few days! Hope everyone is ok, staying safe, happy and not getting too sick of being cooped-up inside! I know, like me, that lots of you are very much looking forward to the day where we can all see each other again, whenever and wherever that may be.

Anyone else missing school a bit? I know that many of you would never have even dreamed of saying it just a few weeks ago, but who could have predicted this eh? What do you miss the most? I’m sure it’s not the English, Maths and…well it wouldn’t be Year 6 if I didn’t say it…SATS! It’s funny instead though how you miss the small things much more, things like the smell of the classroom (except on a Friday afternoon!); that little noise that some of you make when you’re reading quietly; that weird echo we get from next door when Miss M and I are teaching the same lesson; knowing that on a cold day you can just linger in the doorway and get a blast of heat from the air-con; also knowing that at some point in the week you ARE going to get leaked on by a green pen – seriously who is breaking those?!

But most of all I know it’s the people who we all miss the most: knowing that one of you is going to answer the register in a (possibly) made up language to see if you can get away with it; that a certain someone is always going to say “Good Afternoon” at 9am. You know I WILL randomly forget to pass the ipad around, and yes, there will be days when we all go to assembly and no-one else does! (Nobody tells me anything!) In Maths and English, reminding you that yes, you DO need a green pen. Every. Day. At. This. Time. (!!); that ‘We did this last week,’ and, “So basically…” that is the third time someone has said that in the last 5 minutes! Knowing that about 2 minutes after saying, “Has anyone got any questions? No….” That you-know-who will absolutely ask a question that was answered 5 minutes ago, and that we could all stand and do a NASA-style countdown to make sure that we have all finished a piece of writing on time, yet him, her, them and them will still be writing! I swear I have a few less hairs this year, but it’s the fact that we can laugh about it that makes us such a great team. I will definitely remember you as the class that made me smile.

What makes us ‘us’ is knowing that we can get into some serious deep-and-meaningful discussions in History, RE and English; we can balance out the fun stuff with the serious; that some of you will ALWAYS take far too long on a piece of art, yet manage some kind of sorcery to turn a squiggle into a masterpiece in the last five minutes; and that no matter how short a time-limit that we can SLAY a good drama performance or song. Macbeth was amazing and I was so looking forward to seeing what we could have achieved in the Summer Term – you never know…

Some of you will be worried about what comes next. Don’t be. No-one has all of the answers, but rest-assured that the hard-working, self-challenging and dedicated personalities that so many of you have developed this year won’t go away. Those of you who have struggled with your learning have understood that this kind of attitude allows you to make bigger and bigger steps every time you fail or succeed, and I am so proud of you, and everyone else in the class who has overcome one kind of barrier or another – ‘so basically’ all of you! And remember that everyone is in the same boat. As long as you keep up a little practice with your basic skills and targets whilst you are off school, then it will be your teachers’ job to fill in the rest of the gaps when you start back.

In the meantime, look to the positives and relish in this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t spend your life on Fortnite!! Enjoy the unseasonal sunshine; learn a new life skill – believe it or not I can now nearly run a 5k, and am kinda getting my head around yoga! Learning a language, playing chess, drawing, knitting, cooking, gardening – whatever; practise your catching skills in the garden; check out a black-and-white movie (I’d recommend Laurel and Hardy films!) or learn about a new subject. Enjoy the time with your family – it’s weird but you will miss spending so much time with each other when school and work gets back to normal. But most importantly smile. Find something to smile about every day – scientists have proven it makes such a difference to our lives.

Hope to see you all very soon! Mr L :o)

A letter to Class 14 from Miss Missous

Dear Class 14,

Well, who would have thought? Here I am, writing you a letter as I miss you all so dearly. Not being able to tease and laugh with you on a daily basis has been a fond memory these past few weeks. How are you?

My team is intelligent, hardworking, funny and energetic. And my team is YOU. All of you! I know you’re continuing that energy at home with your siblings and carers. It’s as if a light bulb switches on every time I see a comment or positive affirmation from you online. It’s often hard to feel connected, when you are so far away from someone; however, I feel lucky we have the online means to keep that spirit floating.

Have you been extending that bank of talents? I’ve been trying to keep fit at home and lots of dancing! As well as my favourite… Can you guess? Yes, that’s right, cooking 😊. How about you? I’ve enjoyed seeing your updates online. We have to play it by ear, day by day but I know we can do it!

I know you, and like me, I’m sure there have been days of doubt and perhaps even a little upset. Remember we often described our feelings as colours? Some days are blue, others grey, then other times the day is a total myriad of colours (and sometimes textures!) that ingulf me. Almost like my favourite mosque that we always refer back to in RE lessons: the kaleidoscope mosque of Iran. What colour are you feeling? Perhaps you’re being as cool as a cucumber, despite what’s happening.

It seems a cloudy recollection of us attempting to line up for breaks and assemblies; anybody miss the line, “this looks like a crowd more than a line!”? What about the salsa or Latin music softly playing in the background as we prepare for morning work and the register? I will always celebrate you being able to express your presence in the various languages. Even the little details in such, what seems, routinely mundane activities and situations now ignite a longing for that warm, homely, belonging in our small but mighty classroom.

Let me leave you with a quote from the text we looked at prior to this all, from R.J. Palacio’s Wonder:

“The best way to measure how much you’ve grown isn’t by inches or the number of laps you can now run around the track, or even your grade point average — though those things are important, to be sure. It’s what you’ve done with your time, how you’ve chosen to spend your days, and whom you’ve touched this year. That, to me, is the greatest measure of success.”

You are all successes that will keep unfolding and no doubt, surprising yourselves as well as the ones around you. I care for you, as do the teachers past and present who have had the honour of working with you.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon; so, we may support, share and most importantly… laugh!

Miss Missous


For Khalid:

شكرا لأنك كنت معي شخصا رائعا بكل المقاييس خالد

أعجبتني فيك خصوصا روح الدعابة التي تتمتع بها

أتمنى أن تكون بخير