Year 3 – home learning

Try to do these things every day:

  • reading
  • Times Table Rock Stars
  • an activity off DB Primary
  • an activity off the home learning grid (below)

Your teachers can see your work on DB Primary, and can send you messages about your work. You can also leave questions and messages for your teachers on DB Primary.

One of the Y3 staff will contact you and your family every week, usually on Thursdays.

Y3 home learning grid for week beginning 11th May



Think about someone who is a hero to you. It could be a parent, a friend, a teacher, someone who works for the NHS.

Write a paragraph to explain why they are a hero to you.

You can draw a picture of them too!

Humans and animals need to eat food to survive. They need to eat the right kind of food to fuel their bodies.

Draw or make a food pyramid to show all the types of food that humans need to eat.

Write a sentence to explain why each of these food groups is important.

Food group bingo!

Write down each of the food groups.

·       Carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, dairy, protein, and fats.

Tick off when you have eaten one of them. See how long it takes you to tick off all the food groups.


You could even keep a tally and see how many of each groups you eat during the week.


Think about a book you have read recently.

Write a sentence about how the main character felt at the start of the story.

Write a sentence about how the main character felt at the end of the story.

Was it the same?


Practice writing words that have the ‘ay’ sound in them.

E.g. crayon, day, pay



Create a family timeline.

Draw a timeline and add important events from your family history.

Start with the year that people in your family were born – can you put everyone in the right order?

Create a Manchester bee.

You can draw it, make it out of sticks, build one – ‘bee’ creative!

Our school value this month is resilience, so try to include this in your artwork.


Life Skills

Draw a map of your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Remember to include symbols for different things like the couch, tv or fridge.

Try to include grid references for an extra challenge!

Learn how to tie a knot.

You can start with your shoelaces.

If you know how to do this, show someone else how to do it – even if they know!

Describe to someone how you tie a knot, you might find you do it differently!

A letter to Class 7 from Mrs Meenowa

Dear class 7,

I wanted to write to you all to tell you how much I am missing you and all the fun we have together. I know this is a very strange time for us all at the moment but I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will be together again as a class very soon. The really important right now is that we stay at home with our families and stay safe.

Learning at home is very different to being in school for lots of different reasons but I would like you to focus on:


You can read a book, magazine, on line book (through Epic). You can read them alone or to your family member, either way please keep reading.

Keeping active

Keeping active (inside or outside) helps boost your happiness and helps your mental and physical wellbeing. I have been tuning into Joe Wicks every morning at 9am, why don’t you try it out if you haven’t already.

Trying something new

Give yourself a challenge and do something you haven’t done before. This could be to help your parent bake, play a new game, get creative and make or learn some new jokes. Whatever it is make it reflect the best version of yourself!

There are plenty of online learning that has been set through DB primary, Time Tables Rock stars and Epic reading however please balance this out with other things that you could do with a parent or sibling.

Please use the forum on DB primary to communicate any problems, worries or anything you might wish to share. I love reading them all and I promise I will respond.

Take care and until we see each other again remember how brilliant you are! You can do this!

Mrs Meenowa

A letter to Class 8 from Miss Potter

Dear class 8,

Firstly, I just want to tell you all how much I am missing you. However, we are all doing the right thing to keep each other safe. It is so important that we stay at home. I don’t know how long this will last for, but I do know that it will be over and we will see each other again.

I thought this letter would be a nice way to stay in touch. How are you? How are your families? What are you doing to keep busy? Have you tried anything new?

I know many of you are keeping busy and some of you are feeling bored. You must keep busy and find things to do that you enjoy. There are lots of activities and forums on DB for you to access, Times Table Rock Stars and Epic reading. I have been drawing almost every day and I can’t wait to show you when we return to school. Drawing is so good for mind, but there are so many other ways you can keep busy. There are so many things you could try, including: reading, baking, gardening, telling jokes, building forts and just spending time with your family. Have you tried anything new? I check DB primary regularly, and you all impress me so much with how you are keeping busy. I have seen some super reading, incredible artwork, delicious baking and talented backyard footballers!

I hope that you are trying to keep physically active too. I have been having a go at Joe Wicks’ PE every day. Also, I have been running around my local area. I know that I have discovered so many paths I didn’t know existed! Have you found anywhere new? Have you enjoyed many walks with your family?

I would love to hear back from you. Please do let me know how you are keeping busy at this very unusual time. You can always contact me on DB.

Remember children, you are funny, you are talented, you are creative. You are amazing.

Miss Potter