The health and safety of all children in school is a prime concern of all our staff. We have a clear policy on the administration of medicine.

We expect medicine to be administered at home, i.e. where administration during the school day can be avoided arrangements should be in place. However, we recognise that there may be times when medication needs to be administered during the school day. We will only authorise the administration of medication which has been prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional. Medication must be provided in the original container as dispensed by the pharmacist and include the prescriber’s instructions.

We prefer parents/carers to come back to school to administer medicines themselves where possible. If this is not possible, parents may request that a member of staff administers medication, using the official form available from reception. Please note that this is not a service that the academy is obliged to provide, and parents should not assume that permission will be granted as a matter of course.

On receipt of an application, the Principal will determine if medication is to be administered and by whom. Any medication will normally be administered during break and/or lunch times. If, for medical reasons, it needs to be administered at other times, this will be discussed with parents. The academy will always require written permission to administer medicine. Medicines must be handed in to the academy office and a form completed by the parent/carer. Medicines can be collected from the academy office at the end of the day by the parent/carer. The collection of medicine is the responsibility of the parent/carer. We will only administer ‘Calpol’ or an equivalent medication if it is part of the treatment of a long term condition and has been prescribed by a GP.

Where pupils require medication on an ongoing/long term basis a specific health care plan will be put in place. This will require input from an appropriate healthcare professional.