A message from the Chair of the Local Governing Body

We became an Academy on the 1st of April 2014 following extensive consultation with parents, the local authority and local schools. This is an exciting time in the development of the school as we look to build on the continuous progress we have made as a maintained primary school. We are confident our partnership with the Focus Trust will help us continue to improve over the years ahead.

The pupils, staff and governors are all excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and we are confident that, working with parents and our wider community, we can ensure every child enjoys their time at Old Trafford and achieves their full potential.

We are exceptionally proud of our pupils and our staff team that make Old Trafford a vibrant school and I hope this website gives you a flavour of the activity and work our children are involved in. If you want to know more about the school, our move to an Academy or have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Richard Caulfield (Chair of Governors)

Local Governing Body (LGB) membership details:

Name of governor Type of governor eg Parent, Trust Date of appointment Term of office Conflicts of interest declared Relationship to any member of staff Member of other educational institutions 2016-17 meetings attended (out of a possible six) Date of resignation (where applicable)
Cheryl Ballance Staff 1/4/14 16/11/18 None None None 6  
Sadhia Behzad Parent 1/4/14 1/12/21 None None None 4  
Richard Caulfield Trust 1/4/14 17/10/20 Literacy Focus None None 6  


Staff 1/4/14 16/9/17 None O Corner None 5 16/9/17


Trust 1/4/14 1/12/21 None None None 6  


Parent 22/11/17 22/11/21 None None None n/a  


Staff 22/11/17 22/11/21 None E Miley

T O’Gara

None n/a  
Tracey Phillips Trust 1/4/14 7/2/20 None None None 4  


Principal 1/4/14 n/a None None None 6

The key responsibilities of the LGB are to:

  • ensure the quality of educational provision
  • evaluate pupil outcomes
  • challenge and monitor performance
  • take decisions about personnel management
  • manage financial, physical and human resources
  • raise concerns with the Chief Executive of the Focus-Trust in a timely manner

Attendance at LGB meetings 2016/17:

Name of governor 28/9/16 23/11/16 8/2/17 1/3/17 17/5/17 5/7/17
Cheryl Ballance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sadhia Behzad Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Richard Caulfield Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sarah Doyle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Ben Hartley Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tracey Phillips Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Judith Stott Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes