Year 2 – home learning

Try to do these things every day:

  • reading
  • practice your spelling or phonics
  • Numbots
  • an activity off DB Primary
  • an activity off the weekly learning grid (below)

Your teachers can see your work on DB Primary, and can send you messages about your work. You can also leave questions and messages for your teachers on DB Primary.

You can practice your phonics on Teach Your Monster to Read.

The Y2 spellings are here:

→ Y1 and Y2 spelling lists

One of the Y2 staff will contact you and your family every week, usually on Wednesdays.

Year 2 home learning week beginning 11th May

A letter to Y2 from the Y2 staff team

Dear Year 2,

How are you?  We hope that you are all keeping well and busy, enjoying spending extra time with your families.  We wanted to write to you as we have been missing you lots, but as you know it is safer for us all to stay at home.

Over the last few weeks, our year 2 team have been very busy.

Mrs Brown has finished her unicorn embroidery and started a highland cow.  She has been cooking all the time as her boys eat her out of house and home as they are also working hard at their school work at home. She has made many healthy meals for her family as well as having a go at making homemade KFC! She is enjoying walking Ozzy the dog with her family, as they are on their skateboards and scooters spotting the rainbows and teddy bears in people’s windows.

Miss Cooke has been baking chocolate cake and chocolate cookies with her children. They have been making lots of new drinks, Miss. Cooke’s daughter has invented the “pineapple poptail” which is diet lemonade, chunks of pineapple and strawberries all whizzed together in a blender. It actually tastes quite nice. Miss. Cooke’s son has been inventing new Lego models, which are all a little bit strange.

She also has been doing lots of home learning with her children, some that their schools have set and other ideas that the children have come up with such as being able to name all the states of America or know the capital cities of as many countries as possible. You could try this as it’s always good to find out some new facts

Mrs Akhtar (Javed) has been busy playing and exploring with her daughter in the garden. They have been enjoying their time the under the hot beaming sun. Mrs Akhtar has also been baking, here is a picture of the chocolate orange brownies she made for her daughter’s birthday last week! They were delicious!

Mrs Boardman has painted with diamonds and has created this llama!  Isn’t it great!

Miss Boulton, Mrs Davenport and Miss Holbrook have been busy exercising, enjoying the sunshine spending time with their families and Mrs Rowland has been enjoying extra time with her baby.

We would like to tell you all some exciting news that we have a new member of the year 2 team.  Miss Duffy has joined us as a part of class 5 and you will see her posting exciting things for you all to do on our DB primary forum.  Miss Duffy’s interests are yoga and running in the sunshine as well as walking her cute little pug, Bella, teaching her to give a paw and she is now an expert! She has also doing some mindfulness colouring and listening to her favourite music.  She is very excited to meet you all.


We have all been staying in touch and working together to stay in touch with you all.  We have all loved to speak to you on the phone finding out how you have all been getting on. Through keeping busy, we have started our days with Joe Wicks PE lessons on you tube at 9am – we are all going to be super fit by the time we come back.  It is a great way to start the day.  What daily exercise have you been doing?

We have seen that many of you have been accessing our year 2 home learning page and completing the work set on DB as well as completing maths on Numbots and reading on Epic and teach your monster to read.  It is so important that you continue to read and try your best to complete school activities whilst school is closed.  We really miss seeing you all every day and being able to share stories.  Remember that there are also many other ideas of things for you to do under the tabs on the home learning page but here are some other things that you could that you could do whilst your are at home.

Don’t forget there are many ways that you can also learn at home with your parents and carers by helping to look after your younger siblings, baking, helping around your home, playing games or getting creative.

We would love for you to respond to our letter via the DB forum and let us all know what you have been up to!  Remember to stay safe and keep smiling!

See you all soon!

The Year 2 Team