Reception – home learning

Try to do these things every day:

  • reading
  • practice your phonics
  • Numbots
  • an activity off DB Primary
  • an activity off this week’s home learning grid (see below)

Your teachers can see your work on DB Primary, and can send you messages about your work. You can also leave questions and messages for your teachers on DB Primary.

You can practice your phonics on Teach Your Monster to Read.

You could also practice reading and spelling these high frequency words:

YR & Y1 100 High Frequency Words

One of the Reception staff will contact you and your family every week, usually on Tuesdays.

Home learning grid for week beginning 11th May

Literacy Topic Understanding the world Creative
Linked to the story ‘What the ladybird heard’. You can find the story on YouTube or on DB Primary.

Can you write all of the rhyming words that you hear in the story?

Can you create a wanted poster to help catch the burglars who are trying to steal the fine prize cow?


Reading is SO important for your learning. It is important you continue to read every day. Read for fun, read to learn but just get reading!

Can you talk about the season? We are in the season of Spring.

Can you spot any signs of Spring?

You could draw a picture or take a photograph of the signs of Spring that you see.


Can you create a map of a farmyard?

You could make it look old by staining the paper using tea bags.

Think about where the animals are in the farm, which animals are next to each other? Can you guide somebody from your family around the farm to visit their favourite animal?

You could ask your grown-ups if they have ever visited a farm or you could think about a trip to the farm and imagine what you might see there.

Natural art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Can you research art that is created by Andy Goldsworthy?


Can you create a picture of your favourite animal or minibeast using natural objects? You could find the natural objects in your garden or on a walk.





Write a sentence about your favourite part of the book.

Remember your sentence rules “Capital letter to start, finger spaces between your words and a full-stop at the end”.


Can you use the language of direction to direct somebody to visit an animal on the map you have created?

Using prepositional language, can you tell somebody where the animals are? They could be on top of the hill.

Have a teddy bears picnic with your favourite bears or other toys. Make sure that you share out the cups, plates and food equally between the teddies.

Other skills:

Can you help your family to clean up after you have eaten a meal?




Handwriting / Phonics

Can you practice writing your sounds?

You could practice writing the alphabet in lower case and capital letters.

A letter to Class 1 from Miss Sinclair

Dear Parents and Reception,

I am missing school and all of you so much! I hope that you are all well and have been keeping busy.

I have been spending lots of time digging in my garden, building decking, laying grass and painting fences. I have enjoyed working hard transforming my garden. I have been wondering, what new things you have tried to do?

My garden – before and after

I have also been learning how to bake. So far I have baked chocolate cakes, banana bread and oat biscuits. My baking has started to get better, but I still need some more practise! I have also tried cooking by following new recipes, I have made curry and paella. Have you been helping your families to make any new foods? You could send photographs to Twitter or to the DB page!

Paella Oat biscuits Banana bread

My latest challenge is to run 5k in less than 45 minutes, I am enjoying exercising more each day. Have you set yourself any new challenges?

Although I have been really busy I am really missing your smiley faces at school. When I am feeling a little bit sad that I am missing you all, I think about some of the fantastic activities we have done this year. You could share your favourite activities from Reception with your family.

At night I enjoy reading lots of books, you may enjoy listening to the stories on Cbeebies.

I can’t wait to see you all again soon,

Miss Sinclair

A letter to Class 2 from Miss Burke

Hello Class 2!

I hope that you are all well and staying safe at home. I know that you must be missing your friends lots but at the moment the best place for you and me to be is in our homes. I have spent lots of time cooking and baking in my kitchen! Have you helped your grown-ups to prepare any meals for your family?

While being at home I have celebrated my birthday! My mum, dad and sisters sent me cards, I ate chocolate cake and danced around my kitchen! I was lucky to talk to my grandma on a video-call. Have you been able to talk to anyone in your family on the phone? Maybe you could write somebody a letter and post it to them!

I have been spending lots of time with my cat! She is very happy to have me home with her and likes to sit on the laptop when I try to do my work! She loves to snuggle up on the sofa with me when I am reading a book. Have you been reading any of your favourite books? I know that Miss Griffin and Miss Lester are missing our story times too!

This week I have been trying to get lots of exercise and getting out of bed extra early to go running. I don’t think I will ever be as fast as my children in class 2, though! I hope you are all managing to spend a little bit of time outside in the sunshine. I have been enjoying dancing to the songs on ‘Go Noodle’. You can join in with my favourite song if you click here:

I have been thinking about some of my favourite times in Reception. Do you remember the fun we had on Treasure Island? I remember when you all helped me to become brave enough to jump down the super high pole! I can’t wait until we can all play together again!

You are all very special to me and I miss seeing your smiley faces every day! I hope that we can all see each other soon but until then stay safe, stay home and enjoy your time with your families.

Miss Burke