Nursery – home learning

Nursery home learning week beginning 11th May

A letter to the nursery class from Mrs Kerry and Miss O’Gara

Dear Parents and Children

I hope you are all well and staying safe at home. I know that this is a difficult and confusing time for you but the safest place for you to be is at home with your family. I am writing to find out what you have been up to and to tell you what I have been doing so far. I hope you and your family have been following the guidelines that are in place to keep us safe and you are all having fun playing and learning at home.

While I have been at home I have celebrated two birthdays, my little boy turned 1 the other week and he made lots of mess with his cake! I celebrated my birthday too! I had a lovely lemon cake which is my favourite, we wore party hats and played some games. I have been colouring in my special colouring book and reading lots of different books. Have you been reading with your family?






Relaxing colouring

I did some painting the other day with my little boy and his daddy and we made a special family handprint picture. Could you make one of those with your family? You could take a picture of it on DB primary! I would love to see it! While we have been at home I have had the special job of helping look after the caterpillars we had in school and they have now turned into beautiful butterflies! The wings are so colourful and they fly so fast. I released them the other day and watched them fly off to the plants in our nature garden. Have you seen any bugs or flowers while you have been in your gardens or on your walks with your family? I would love to hear about them!







Miss O’Gara has been busy working in her kitchen and has made some delicious homemade strawberry jam, just like we had on our sandwiches that we made! Can you tell your grown-ups how to make a sandwich? We miss you all loads and can’t wait until we see you again. We will have to do dough disco and dance around the classroom to celebrate being back together!

Home made jam

See you soon and stay safe

Mrs Kerry and Miss O’Gara